In 2014 we set out to design and craft a unique apparel collection within a 150-mile radius of our San Francisco Bay Area headquarters. While we didn’t meet our strict start-to-finish production goal, we did successfully collaborate with local farmers, producers and craftsmen to create something truly worth celebrating.

In 2015 we challenged ourselves to grow the Backyard Project collection and significantly increase the quantity of products made through new relationships and collaborations within the American textile industry.

In 2016 we will begin piloting the programme in Europe. Check back soon for expansion updates.

Crafted in the USA

Grown: Arizona, USA

It all starts with brown cotton from The Natural Hue Company farm in Arizona. The company is run by cotton experts Jim Olvey and his son, Mike, who started researching and breeding colored cotton with his father full-time after graduating college.

Processed: South Carolina, USA

Our cotton was spun into high-quality yarn by Tuscarora Yarns, Inc. (founded in 1899), the oldest specialty yarn manufacturer in America.

Sewn: California, USA

The garments come together in Los Angeles, the domestic hub of fabric development, garment dyeing and clothing production.

Meet the Makers

To scale the Backyard Project we formed new partnerships with family-run businesses in Los Angeles, California with decades of experience each.

Richard Kang worked in the textile industry in Korea before immigrating to the United States and co-founding Care-Tex Industries. There were challenges in garment dyeing the products due to the fiber pretreatment but working with the fabric was a valuable learning experience.

Bringing it all together

10acres of brown cotton harvested
12bales of brown cotton sent for spinning
28,718yards of fabric knit
16,978garments made
118years of vendor experience in the Los Angeles garment industry
1country of origin – USA

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