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Iker Pou


Alongside his older brother Eneko, Iker is half of one of the most successful climbing partnerships in the world. A diverse and daring climber who is as accomplished climbing on rock as he is tackling sport climbing, bouldering and big wall ascents, Iker’s success has earned him respect both in the climbing community and the wider public sphere.

Quick Facts


Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain


Mallorca and Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Bıggest dream

To find a big and beautiful wall in a remote unclimbed area.

How do I focus

If something motivates and inspires me, I have the capacity to put all my energy into that.

Best advıce

Always to try to be happy and never stop following your dreams.

What ınspıres you?

The places that gives me good vibrations and positive energy. Good people and people that always try to be happy and push their limits.

Words to lıve by


Favourıte other fıtness exercıse


I don’t leave home wıthout my...




Top 5 career highlights

  • The North Face Big Wall expedition, opened 8 new big wall lines, Siberia (2015)
  • “GUIRIS GO HOME” 8C. My first 8c onsight. Mallorca, Spain (2015)
  • “BIG MEN” 9ª+ First Ascent. Mallorca, Spain (2015)
  • “BAGHIRATHI II” Attempt of open new route, Himalaya India (2014)
  • “TARRAGO” 8B+/200m First free ascent. Montserrat, Spain (2013)


Originating from the Basque Country in northern Spain, Iker started exploring the Pyrenes with his family and climbing with his brother Eneko when he was 15. From the beginning it was clear that Iker had an incredible talent for rock climbing. He has now climbed more than 120 routes between 8c (5.14b) and 9a+ (5.15a), on-sighting up to 8c (5.14b).

Joining forces with Eneko, the two have united their talents and energies to push new boundaries. Their most iconic achievement ‘Seven Walls, Seven Continents’ ascending a challenging wall on each of the world’s continents, from The Totem Pole in Tasmania to the Sky Peak in Antarctica.

The brothers lay claim to one of the hardest free climbs to date, on the West Face of the Naranjo de Bulnes-Orbayu, a 500m limestone wall leading to the summit of the Picos de Europa massif in the Spanish Pyrenees. Another highlight was 'The Hardest of the Alps' - a project to free climb three of the most difficult alpine routes in the summer of 2010. A genuine trailblazer, Iker is proud knowing climbers want to copy some of his first ascents around the world, including The Door (650m, proposed 8b) on Baffin Island in 2012 and Orbayu (8c+/550m) in Spain in 2009.

Iker is now focusing on one or two major expeditions each year, targeting the most aesthetically beautiful mountains around the world where he can create stunning new routes and truly original adventures. As expected from a man with a lifelong passion for mountains and discovery, his favourite climbs are his last one and his next one.

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